How do I simulate payments with Credit Cards in sandbox for testing?

  • For cards, you can use the following information to add a sample card for payments
    4387751111111111 Visa (US)
    5442987111111111 MasterCard (US)
    371000911111111 American Express (US)
    CVV = Any 3 digit number
    Expiration = Anything past the current date

I can't make anymore payments using credit/debit cards in sandbox, is there a limit?

  • There are limits set on the amount of transactions that can occur within certain time periods to mitigate fraud. Contact your solutions engineer to raise these limits for testing.


What happens if my webhook server returns a non 200 response?

  • Webhooks will retry at a non-linear scaling interval. The amount of retries is dictated by the retryCount value set when the webhook-config was initially established.