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Banq's Open API helps to integrate with Banq functionality related to payment creation and payments/transaction tracking. Using Open API one can create requests to get paid, browse banqs within the system, retrieve payment transactions, and setup webhooks to get notified about changes.

The Open API allows integrators to act on behalf of the given Banq user. Integrators could have as many users on the Banq platform as needed.

Common Uses

The current version of the Open API is geared towards applications receiving payments. Depending on the industry of the integrator, these platforms could range from POS systems that want to allow a store's customers to pay with banq mobile application to a rent collection application that wants to automatically collect recurring rent payments through the banq platform.

Types of Payments

The Open API supports a flexible set payments including:

  • One time real-time payments
  • Recurring payments
  • Scheduled payments

Requesting Payments

Depending on the use case, payments can be requested and interacted with in a variety of ways. POS systems for example may chose to use QR codes for in-person payments and include a payment link on invoices for on online purchases.

Payment requests can be sent via:

  • QR Code
  • Payment Link which can be shared via email, SMS, messaging app, etc
  • In-app request

Payment Sources

End users can make payments from their:

  • banq balance
  • checking account
  • debit card (depending on the merchants industry)


The API is designed with ease of integration as a core pillar. That said, often a kick-off/integration design call at the beginning of the process can greatly improve integration time and there are likely to be periodic questions on technical specifications. Questions can be addressed to [email protected] and will be routed to the implementations engineering team.

What’s Next

Get started on authentication, webhooks, etc with our quickstart!